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Piano Man

April 30, 2019

After several weeks of work and over 50 hours, Piano Man is done. A music video for the infamous Billy Joel Song, Piano Man is the story of a pianist who looks back on the good old days.

Around January 2019, I met with my friend Alix MacDonald, and we started brainstorming ideas for a music video we could create together for her MYP Personal Project. We quickly decided to do "Piano Man" by Billy Joel as Alix was learning piano and this was a great way for her to sing and practice playing. However, we soon realized that the piano required in the video was way more complex than expected, so instead of having Alix play the piano we had a computer play it. We started by recording the song in the music room of the Lycée Français de Chicago during our breaks, which took about two sessions of two hours each in order to complete the six minute song. We then assembled a cast and crew withing our circle of friends, and within a few weeks we were filming. Here are a few pictures from the production:

Alix MacDonald recording Piano Man

Andrei Thüler and Alix MacDonald after the filming of the Piano Man Music Video

Alix MacDonald while filming the Piano Man Music Video

This project couldn't have been possible without the great people who came and helped us make it happen. A big thanks to:

Alix MacDonald

Samuel Ridet

Maël Cheynet

Edwin Deboise

Luis Kirchner

Lily Berg

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